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"feeling" very early pregnancy?

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Has anyone else out there been able to tell days after conception that they are pregnant? With my first I was on the pill so in my mind, there was no chance I was pregnant, but I FELT pregnant about 1 day after I conceived. I took a test a few weeks later and sure enough I was pregnant. Now I know there is a chance I could be pregnant even though my period hasn't come back yet. Again I feel pregnant. I'm goig to take a test soon, but has anyone just "known" that they were pregnant long before a test would pick it up?
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With my last two pregnancies I knew immediately BEFORE conception that I was going to get pregnant, and I knew the genders. Of course, I'm very fertile, and I had been charting my temp. I had the implantation temp shift 4 days later, and it just confirmed my suspicions.
mine is opposite..the 3 mos i did get get pregnant i was sure i wasnt pregnant
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Every single time I knew within days that I am pregnant. I believe that I am now (even though DH had a V 6 months ago) I just have to wait for the "proof" But yeah I'm having all the telltale signs.
Well... I've always known way before the 2ww was over but I've only had one experience where I knew I was pregnant the night we baby danced... that was this time
I shouldn't have been preggy according to my charts but my body and mind knew. I concieved on CD 9 which is completely looney for me... I also felt the baby move @ 10 weeks. Lots of earlies this time.
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Originally Posted by bailey228
Has anyone else out there been able to tell days after conception that they are pregnant? ... has anyone just "known" that they were pregnant long before a test would pick it up?
yup, with each pregnancy i Just Knew, and like Journey i knew each time, before ~ like i knew that If i did the deed (y'all know what i mean
) then i'd get pregnant with a particular little one. and Lo! each time i was spot on. conscious conception is an awesome thing.
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yes. With Gracie, I knew right after dh *erhmm* exited. I told him so, but he laughed since we were using spermicide, diaphragm, and interruptus. So I brushed it off.

Several days later -implantation date- I was walking out to get the mail, and patted my belly and said, I love you baby. Then went "WTH was THAT about?" and blew it off again.

add another week or so, then I had 3 dreams in one night of people telling me I was pg.

This is #2. Same story (except for the birth control part).
DH asked if I wanted to dtd during Gracie's naptime or at bedtime. I thought, "naptime means he'll come to me, bedtime means we have to try again next cycle."

Several days later- patting the belly, "I'm really going to enjoy this pregnancy" huh,what was that again?

add a week- and I dreamed him coming to me, nestling down into my womb, asking me to choose the right name for him.

yeah, I'd say I feel it
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Yep. I knew even before conception with #3. No doubt in my mind. I even told a couple of friends the day after conception that I would have an announcement to make in a few weeks.

Of course, this time around, I had no clue and had a hard time believing that I was pregnant even after 3 HPTs
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Having been pregnant a zillion times, I now know at implantation...then everyone ELSE sits on pins and needles for the 2ww so I can say 'I told you so'.

If a woman is in tune with her body, she may not know for sure, but she can certainly know enough to suspect if something is up. I also know when I'm late and NOT pregnant.
Yes. With all four I have had a feeling. Had a false alarm though about 4 months before I concieved #4.
I felt it with my first pregnancy (miscarriage) but none of my other miscarriages. They just kind of happened and I never really felt attached at all. One happened before I knew I was pregnant, and I was probably 6-8 weeks along (I had an IUD).

With my three viable pregnancies? Felt it IMMEDIATELY.
I know the exact time my first two were conceived. Within a week I knew I was pregnant. With the first I was in denial (TTC over two years, had given up completely and had an appointment with a fertility clinic) and refused to test.
Second I knew but waited a week to test.
Third I knew and waited two weeks to test because I was scared to see it come up positive.

Just before the third I remember making love with DH and then turning to him and saying, "I was just struck with the notion that we made a baby, and it's a girl". He laughed, because we were using condoms.
But, we did make a baby.
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I've been pregnant twice.
First time was last October. I was charting, I knew when I ovulated and the timing was all great. My chart reflected a jump from implantation, though I'd have to wait at least another week to hope to get a pregnancy test to read positive.

I knew it was a boy. I had dreams about him, which confused me because I've been pretty positive for years that my firstborn would be a female child (ongoing dreams). I got to 14 days after ovulation, tested negative. Continued to test every morning for a few days- no positive. I think I knew then that it wasn't viable, but I've wanted a child for so long that I wasn't ready to let go. I finally gave up stressing over it, and listened to my body. I started bleeding that afternoon, roughtly 3 weeks after ovulation. A doctor would have told me it was nothing, just aheavy period, but I knew it was an early miscarriage.

I concieved this one on my next cycle. I knew there was someone else there with me, but given my experience the month before, I was wary to trust myself. Got a positive test 12 days after ovulation and everything has been progressing fine since.
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