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I'm really needing some techniques to deal with my three and a half year old and biting. He gets frustrated very very easily As some background, he has a severe speech delay which is improving with speech therapy but he still doesn't have the verbal means of conveying that frustration in the heat of the moment. He's generally a very caring little boy. But my two year old is...well...two years old and often gets into his brother's things when he shouldn't. I try to prevent any fullon fighting so no one gets hurt while still allowing them to work it out on their own (a delicate balance) but Noah can change in a second and it usually results in biting his two year old brother. I have a newborn as well and often have my arms full and can't always intervene in time to prevent the biting. Talking to him hasn't worked. Removing him from his brother and the situation hasn't worked. Please does anyone have some other suggestions to try? I completely understand that it's all stemming from his inability to express his frustration verbally but I don't know how to cope with it.
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