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is this what a plugged duct feels like? can a plugged duct be in combo with a milk blister?

I've got a small white dot, which could be a blister on my nipple and the entire left side of my breast hurts and feels really hard to touch, as though there's lotsa milk in it.

i know that I should start treatment right away for either, but i'm not sure which it is..

also - I have another question about treatment, they both say to nurse every two hours. my ds is 2m/o and nurses every two hours during the day, but sleeps very well at night and could go 4 - 5 hours without wanting to i wake him up? do i get up every two hours to pump? i just don't know...

thanks so much oh-mama-gurus of motheringdotcommune.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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