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Felted flannel vs. felted jersey

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I have a felted flannel Stacinator and several felted wool jersey covers. I did not expect this to be the case, but the Stacinator is not as waterproof as some of my much thinner two-layer jersey covers. The Stac is very well lanolized so that's not it....

Isn't wool flannel in general sposed to be the mostest?
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wool flannel, especially felted wool flannel, is supposed to be the thickest and best for heavy wetters/over night

but I have heard that the new stac. is only suitable for daytime use now
This is my first flannel cover so I guess I was expecting more.... oomph, ya know? Ah well. Guess the Stacinator is not for the "I'm nearly out of dipes and hold it till I pee a flood" girl, eh? Not to write off flannel by any means. I'll try a Sugarpeas next.

Maybe I'll felt the heck out of it and use it on DS... hmmm...
Well, Fuzbombs are not jersey and I've found them to be 'bomb proof!
Sorry for the pun...I couldn't resist!
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