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Pink and purple felted wool clogs measuring approx. 5" inside. (they are actually a little bit more than 5", so would fit a 5" foot perfectly) These were made by a friend of mine. Soft and fuzzy!! 18ppd

Hand knit baby girls bunting. Made w/ superwash wool so it can go right in the washer and be layed flat to dry. Has 2 slots for the carseat buckle to go through (in front and back) . I made this for my DD when she was 2 weeks old then didn't leave the house very much so she only wore it 5X tops. I am not a professional knitter. This is not perfect. It is beautiful, though. A couple of the buttons have fallen off. If I can find them I will sew them back on. I paid 80.00 for the wool and spent 2 weeks making it. I'd like to get 85.00 ppd just to cover the expenses. I hate to part with this as I feel like it has so much love in it, but I am done having babies and I'd hate to pack it away for grandchildren only to have it lost or ruined in the vast space of time that will pass between now and then. I can take more pictures if anyone wants to see it more closely. It is a sound piece and will hold up through many babies I'm sure. Will fit 0-6M.

You can see pictures of both items here

Here is my ISO list

Wool or natural shredded rubber pillows

Cream cotton tights 12M (European or other super high quality)

Undyed yarn~ either BFL or Blackberry Ridge merino

Ugg boots sz 10 and/or 3

Paintball gun and/or paraphernalia

Organic/hemp/natural girls summer clothing 18M

Soft soled (or crepe) sandals 18M


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