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So I'm almost done with this soaker and I did not do my gauge swatch correctly (I know how I messed up and will correct it for the next soaker) and anyway, the thing is twice as big as it's supposed to be

But I can felt it and that'll make it shrink, right?

How do I do it, just throw it in the washer? How do I know it won't shrink too much?
Do I felt it before or after threading the drawstring through? I keep thinking the string could felt to the soaker, but then the holes could also shrink to oblivion if they aren't threaded.
Do I felt it before or after I dye it (with Kool-aid)?
I'm kind of worried the leg holes will shrink down too small, should I be?
Anything else I need to know?


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I just did the same thing last week (and it turned out fine), so hopefully I can help.

Usually, things will felt more slowly in the dryer and it's less of a PITA. Get the soaker thoroughly wet, toss it in with a few towels and check frequently.
I would thread the drawstring afterwards, you can pull it through with a needle and it shouldn't get so tightly felted that the holes won't stretch.
Not sure about dying .. I'd probably do it before felting, but I don't know.
When it felts, it'll lose more in height than in width, so when you check on it, measure both the rise and the waist. If the leg cuffs are done in the usual way (pick up stitches and knit around) they probably won't shrink too much
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