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female formula?

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Has anyone heard of Dr. Schulze's female formula? It is an herbal tincture
which contains dong Quai, chaste tree berry, wild yam root, damiana leaf,
licorice root and hops flowers. It is said to be good for PMS, infertility
and menopause, I was thinking to buy some and give it a try.

BTW, sorry if this gets posted twice? I tried to post it once already and have seemed to have lost it so I am trying again.

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I have bought a similar formula from our local herbalists. I found a good source of fertility herbs listed on under herbs and in(?)fertility. You could check that out.

Good luck!
Thanks I will check out the list. I am a little nervous about the chaste berry thing I keep hearing different things about it. Some say that you shouldn’t take it if you are O regularly which I am. And others say it’s fine and now I just read something about PMS, depression and not to take it???? I don’t know, I feel like I should do something, I am drinking nettles, red raspberry, and oat straw tea. And I seem to O every month according to what I feel my body doing and my charts. And nothing is happing, and I hear so many people say that chaste berry is what really did it for them so I figure I’ll give it a shot.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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