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Female Ob/Gyn Clarksville/Nashville TN area?

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I'm here at Fort Campbell and refuse to see anyone on post (and I can't anyways, because I have Tricare Standard... I like to choose who I see). I'm looking for a female OB/GYN either locally here in Clarksville/Hopkinsville, KY or even Nashville. Any recommendations?
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Depending on what you are needing and how far you are willing to drive I'd suggest the Farm for well-woman care. I have my annual there this past year and it was hands down fantastic!

Thanks, but that's a good 3 hour drive from here. I ended up going to see the nurse-midwives at Vandy. The CNM I saw, Linda, was very very nice, patient with me (I needed the Mirena removed, and it took her two visits to finally get it... but she didn't give up!). I probably wouldn't see them for pregnancy care, but for well women visits, they are perfect for what I was needing!
Oh, good! I'm glad that you got what you needed. 2 of the midwives at Vandy were born at the Farm which I think it neat. My impression though of the practice though is that it is very medicalized and that one is still tied to hospital policy and such.

Did you like the mirena?

Yeah, that is the impression I got as well, although Linda said that they are 'hands off' when it comes to women's births. Idk, though.

As for the, well I liked it for about the first year and a half that I had it, then I lost the strings and it seems like the problems started then. I had issues with her trying to remove it too, a big mess (could've been worse though, so I count my lucky stars on that!).
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