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Fencing in your yard

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Looking for your opinions

Would you fence in your yard? I've always wanted to, and now that we have a munckin, it seems like even a better idea. We have 3 dogs. However we have a huge fenced in run for them, so it's not necessary to fence in the yard. We are on a very low traffic, safe neighbourhood. However, our property backs onto a cliff. Yup, the back goes down a hill/cliff full of thorns, trees ect. No walking or clear paths, very steep. We have an acre of yard, and I'd like to fence in the back, so it would be $$$, but I think it's worth it. Dh isn't convinced we need a fence at all. But if we didn't, I think I'd always be worried to have dd play outside by herself (when she's older) I'd be nervous to even run inside to pee, due to the cliff. What do you guys think?
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I am all for fenced in yards. Especially with little ones. When we moved into our house our yard was almost fenced all the way in exept for one side of the front of the house.

We have a dog and live on a busier street so with DD we thought fencing would be a good idea.
We had an iron fence put up 2 years ago because we live on a lake and also because in our back/side yard we have a very high landscaping wall. A fence was an absolute necessity.

Now that the fence is up, I am actually able to relax while watching my kids in the yard.
I prefer at least a little fence. Especially living in town like we do now. My kids don't need a fence these days, but we have a variety of other people's children over often and we have a very curious dog lol. I also enjoy a bit of privacy. All that said we are still trying to convince our landlord to let us build one.
We are putting in a gate to make our back yard fenced in tomorrow! We were lucky, most of the yard was fenced already when we moved in, but the previous owner had no pets or children, so he had not gate.

It will make life so much easier for us. I will still go out with DS when he plays, but it will be easier to read a book, run in to pee, etc.

With the cliff, I would totally do it.
We have a fenced yard have big irish wolfhound-sized dog and even though we are in a subdivision it is other people's animals running all over here, cats and dogs

Thankfully I don't have the neighbors cats in my veggie garden thanks to my dog almost consuming the cat when it came over (pees out in my front bushes thought that is a another story).

For us a fence is a necessity. With your landscape, especially toward the back I would want to do it too. I know it can be expensive, maybe you could do a smaller wooden pickett-type fence across the back or something. Of course it seems like everything is expensive. Our last house we had a wooden privacy fence, this house 5 foot chain link - I could not believe how much the chain link was. All in all it is worth it as we have a pool now too.
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I love the fence. We got it for the dog, but its no nice to relax on the deck and not have to worry about Ben running off. And a couple times this spring, he has wanted to go outside while I am busy cooking dinner or something. So I just started letting him go alone. I open a window so I can hear him and check on him often. My biggest concern of not being out there with him would be someone coming in the yard and snatching him, but I figure the dog being out there would help with that.

We're not as bad as the parents who let Carl the Rottweiler do the babysitting, but we do send our son out with the dog to play. :LOL
I would want a fence as well. If your dh doesn't want the whole thing fenced, could you fence part of the yard as a play area?
Our yard is fenced and I'm glad because I can send my three year old out to play on the swings while I'm working in the kitchen. (I can see him the whole time). Plus I don't have to worry as much about other people's dogs getting into the yard.
Our yard is fenced as well and I love it. Both boys can play out there all they want. We will be moving in the next year, but will definitely get a fence if our new home is not already equipped with one!
A must here, too.
It keeps neighborhood dogs out of our yard (right next door they have a very large dog and never put him on a leash and do not have a fence--even though there are leash-laws in Virginia)--and I don't care how "nice" people claim their dogs are, kids can still get bitten by them and even killed.
It also keeps the kids in. But it's more important to keep the dogs out.
Perhaps in some communities a fence doesn't look pretty. And--- for real--- some fences are poorly installed and/or ugly. Some associations have rules against them.

All that stuff said
: we put in a nice red cedar picket fence recently to try and keep critters out of our gardens, and to keep the doggies in. We also put in a lovely wooden arbor. I love it. It's turning a soft silver-gray and looks quite warm and homey.

I debated for years, and I am sorry I waited so long. It was costly, but less than I thought it would be. I think it was $5,000 altogether---but it's a large space. It looks very, very nice! Much nicer than I thought it would look. Plus, I planted punches of climbing vines and roses. The roses are already looking lovely-- even though they are still closed, they are climbing up the trellis--- and I know they, the scarlet runner beans, and squashes etc etc over the fence are going to look sooooo nice! I can hardly wait for the color burst!
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We're getting a fence put up next week and I'm THRILLED. Now ds and the dog can play in the yard without me having to constantly herd them both back from the front yard towards the street. Plus it will keep stray dogs out, which is a problem in our neighborhood as well.

ETA: our yard is 3/4 acre and very steep as well (we joke about selling lift tickets in the winter). It has a large flat portion on the side of the house, though, perfect for playing and running and playsets.
We're forking out about 4k for the fence. Worth every penny, IMO. We're also screening in our porch and adding a ceiling fan. Both to encourage more outside time.
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We are also looking in to fencing in the back yard for toddler and dog. We're spending tax refund money on it. I would love a beautiful cedar fence but I think all we will be able to afford is chain link. Even so, it will make my life much easier!

Originally Posted by shelbean91
I would want a fence as well. If your dh doesn't want the whole thing fenced, could you fence part of the yard as a play area?
This is a good idea if money is really an issue. If you can afford it though, I'd fence in the whole yard. It won't be any time at all until your dd wants to explore the entire yard. I admit I was resistant to fencing in our yard due to the expense. But dh convinced me and now I am *so* glad! We live on a busy road, so the privacy fence allows me to let the children out to play in the back yard without worrying about strangers seeing them or my youngest running into the road. In the summer, the fence buys me hours of time alone in the house, which is a real sanity saver for me some days!
I do go out sometimes too -- we have a garden, etc. But if I had to be outside with them *every* time, they would go outside far less often, which would really be a great loss for them. They go out every day that it is nice in the summer. Plus, I believe that time together *without* me is important to their relationship as siblings, and time outside alone (which they get occasionally) is equally important to their inner development. The fence allows these benefits for all of us. I say go for it!
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Fence - definitely. We have an iron fence and I LOVE it! With kids and/or pets, I think it is a necessity.
good fences make good neighbours.

as much as the communist in me hates fences (in so much as the need for private property disgusts me) in theory, in practice, we have a fence between our "bad" neighbours and ourselves, and it is a sanity saver. our other side is good neighbours and we have greenery (a very wild line of trees and bushes). So, our property is not enclosed but it is bounded. is v. nice with the babe, espec as he is naked much of the time.
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We just fenced in our yard. Words can not express how much joy that fence has brought us all.
I LOVE my fence.
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Fence it.

What are you going to do when your child is tossing a ball out there and it rolls over the cliff and your child tries to go after it ? How fast can you get between the cliff and the child? How fast can your husband move after an impulvise running toddler? Kids move so quickly, once they get going it is hard for htem to stop, and if you have another child in the future and have to keep eyes on 2 kids..well, let me tell you how much you will love your fence then !

You don't have to fence the entire way to the cliff, of course, but it just seems smart to me to make things as safe for the baby as you have for the dogs!!

Also, even if oyur child is not a dasher or a runner, if your child has friends over nad one of htose children is an impulsive dasher/runner/taking of- type, a fence will help you or that childs parent reach them before they end up tumbling over the side of oyur cliff into the brush and getting really hurt.

I have 2 kids, and one child was content to stay close to me and play. The second child , however, LOVES to take off, and I am greatful that we have a fenced in play area, because with out it she would have taken off a number of times. She is growing out of it a bit now, but she STILL runs away from me and if I callher thinks it is a great gaem and runs away even faster. I am glad I have an area on our property where I can let her play and actually relax a bit and enjoy playing with my kids..not just stand there over top of her the entire time, hoping to be close enough to catch her before she dashes onto the road or worse.

Please , fence it, even just part of it. You will be SO GLAD you did... I promise ! Fences are a good thing !
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