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We have a four-week-old son, and I'd like to boost my milk supply a little, just to ensure that he's getting enough and so I can have an occasional bottle handy in case we're in a situation where nursing isn't an option.

As a result of some early latching-on problems, which are now largely resolved, he's been having bottles to supplement the breast, and seems fine with this; he's got a great--sometimes too great--sucking reflex, and will happily nurse on pretty much anything that's in his mouth.

Anyway, I was interested in fenugreek, because the pediatrician recommended it, but wondered if I should avoid it because I had very mild preeclampsia in the two weeks before he was born. My BP dropped after the birth, but went back up about a week after, and is now slowly coming back to normal. I've heard that fenugreek should be avoided if one has a history of hypertension, so I am very cautious. The last thing I'd want is to make my BP rise as a result of the herbs.

Any thoughts on this? Are there other herbs that would be helpful if I don't take the fenugreek?

Many thanks!
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