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fer cryin' out loud! how do you ...

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how do you get DH or SO or other people to STOP putting your wool in the diaper pail?!?!?!?!?!?!?! and after ONE use? i swear the man thinks wool covers are disposable.

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they just don't understand the woolies

but at least yours changes diapers :LOL
my dh will only change them if I am out of the house
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Seriously, I have to be sure I am the next one to change her if I don't want the wool in the diaper pail.

Originally Posted by elsie
Seriously, I have to be sure I am the next one to change her if I don't want the wool in the diaper pail.

and I also gave an "informational" demonstration about the different types of diapers and to do w/ them and such! :LOL It kind of worked!
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Maybe you could put a big sign on the diaper pail that says "NO WOOL," and then hang a wetbag near the diaper pail in a convenient place (right at dh's eye level if possible) with a big sign that says "PUT WOOL HERE"
: Because really I have no clue. I've restricted myself just to the wool I currently have because... they go through the wash so often!!! READ: Never buy a wool cover from me!!!
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This is precisely my problem too.(well actually dh's I have told him quite a few times and sometimes he remembers and sometimes he doesn't. I usually leave pul for him to use now.
Luckily my dh has not put wool in the diaper pail but almost as bad was that he kept throwing dd's diapers and wool onto the laundry room floor which is also the MUD room. I have spent many a time trying to get mud off of diapers and covers. After a a few not so nice protests dh has gotten a clue and stopped.
I think DH is scared of me so he thinks twice about everything :LOL! He takes diapers off sometimes if I'm in the shower or something, but ususally he lets DS go naked untill I get out. Exept I told him last week after I came out of the shower and Joe had a new diaper on that he screwed up big time cause now I know he can do it. Untill then he NEVER changed one

I like the sign idea as well, like a big giant yellow caution sign or something that says no wool!!
my dh is really into clothes, so he knows that sweaters things made out of wool like soakers and covers need to be hand washed so he would never put them in the pail. but, i didn't train him -- he came to me that way.
It happened once when dd was very little and we only had one and I went nuts on him. I made him lanolize it(keep in mind I was like 2weeks pp and still mood swinging from the trees!), hang it to dry, and then went through a tutorial WHILE he was lanolizing about the care of wool. He's terrified of me now! :LOL I felt bad a day or so later but it stuck. He's never once put wool in the pail since then.

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I have yet to find a way that works. What I have to do is go through the diapers as I'm putting them in the washer for the cold soak to make sure that there is no wool in with them. So far so good - I've saved a custom Celtic Wolf and a brand-new PWP (!) that way.
wow I must be lucky. dh always leaves covers of any kind on the dryer (changing spot is washer) unless it has poop in it, then he leaves it in the sink (we save poops for the end of the day, it's easier to deal with all at once.)
I tell dh that if it feels like a sweater than put it on top of the dresser! LOL!
DH throws my wool in the wash pile, i just have to be vigilant and pull them out. :LOL
Tell him how much it costs.

My dh take really good care of the wool after I showed him how much wool goes for at some wahms. Then promptly assured him I didn't pay that much
but thats how much it would cost to replace
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