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Fern & Faerie Knitted Wool Wrap

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I am thinking about trying the F&F aplix-closing knitted wool wrap:

I am a little nervous about this since the description says it is for intermediate knitters and I am a beginner. So far I have knitted:

-a scarf
-a purse I felted (the hardest parts of this project were figuring out I-cord and matress stitch)
-2 F&F soakers (kitchener stitch was the hardest part of this project)

I have not bought the pattern yet, so I am not quite sure what makes it intermediate. I am also looking at the LTK ribby wrap. I think I will eventually get/make both, but I want to start with the easier one. So my question is, does it sound like the F&F wrap would be too hard for me?

Thanks for whatever insights y'all can provide on this!
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I was concerned when I started my first one, but Stell's directions at the front of the booklet are very thorough. In fact, I was a little stunned when I started reading the threads about people having trouble with short rows/wraps.

I have 3 1/2 now and just love them. I've just ordered my touch tape and have been pinning them in the meantime. I can't wait to get the color-coordinated touch tape, though.

One thing I ran into on my first: my gauge is apparently a little different than Stell's, so my medium is fairly large. For the others, I've just used #7 needles instead of the #8 she calls for and it's been fine. I would highly recommend doing a gauge swatch, since the finished size does matter here. Otherwise, they knit up fairly quickly and make a beautiful finished product.

eta: I would think anything knit in the round, with legs and requiring a Kitchener graft would definitely be considered intermediate, if not advanced. I think you'll be just fine.
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As long as the pattern is detailed, you should have no problem! Knitting is really only ever knits and purls.

I don't know the F&F company at all, having never tried their soakers, so I can't speak for them, but I know Theresa at LTK is awesome and is great about answering any questions you have about her patterns.

You'll do great, I'm sure!!!

Thanks for the encouragement! GoodEats (I'm guessing you're an Alton Brown fan), where is a good place to get the touch tape?
(I am an Alton Brown fan... also nursing twins, so it seemed to fit.

I ordered the touch tape from - they don't have shopping cart capabilities, but you can fax/phone/email your order and pay through PayPal.

As an aside, Stell (from Fern & Faerie) posts here, so she's around if you run into any problems. I'm a huge fan of her patterns - recycle diapers, wool wraps, bum fuzzies - as well as those from LTK.
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