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Ferning but no other O signs...?

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I just started TTC'ing and charting last week after having my IUD removed; I hadn't had a pp af and didn't know if I've even been o'ing. Yesterday and today, I have seen ferning on my microscope---just a little yesterday, but quite a lot today. I haven't been taking my temp long enough to make sense of it, but my cervical fluid is definately not 'egg whites', it is sticky. My cervix is slightly opened, maybe half a fingertip.

Can I really be ovulating, or would I have more signs?

ETA: here is my chart. I started it based on when I had some spotting, since it wouldn't let me start without having the date of my last period.
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Some women just don't have eggwhite. I just wanted to mention that after having a baby, your cervix opening will almost always feel open. I know mine does so it's really difficult to tell if it's acutally open or just in its regular state.
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