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fertilizer for vegetable garden

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We have a small raised bed garden, enough space for a few tomato plants, a few pepper plants, some basil, and some lettuce. (at least that's what we did last year,lol) Can anyone recommend a good fertilizer? Last year, dh used some "organic" fertilizer from the local feed and grain store (there was chicken poop in it) but he mixed it in and threw away the bag while I was gone, so I couldn't do my usual analysis for any toxic chemicals. It worked great btw, everything grew big and tasty. Any recommendations for a good safe brand of fertilizer, or should I use just plain ol' manure?
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I was trying to use just plain old compost but they were still pretty scraggly. I got an organic fertilizer for free called PlantTone. I have been using that with good results.
Espoma makes a whole range of organic fertilizers, Garden Tone, Tomato Tone, Azalea Tone, Flower Tone, you get the picture, lol! Anyway, it's a pretty well known brand and may be available in your area. Their website says available in the Eastern USA, I am in the Midwest, sort of.

I also use fish emulsion as a in between fertilizer, you just mix with water and spray the foliage every couple weeks. It's also good at deterring rabbits, they don't like the smell that much. Good Luck!!
Thanks! Sounds like you both have the same product in mind. I'll check it out.
BTW, does the fish emulsion deter deer as well?
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