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fetoscope vs. stethoscope

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is there a reason that i should get a fetoscope? i'd love to hear my baby's heartbeat and was planning to just use a regular stethoscope...but i've been reading on here that everybody's using a that really that different? should i get one of those? i guess i don't really understand why it's better.
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Here's some information I found online:

"Fetal Stethoscope (Fetoscope). Designed for superior auscultation of the fetal heart. Stethoscope is equipped with chrome-plated brass binaural and stem. The 22 inch black tubing can be easily shortened to facilitate use of the headrest. Starting at around 20 weeks, the fetal heartbeat can usually be heard without Doppler amplification (ultrasound). At this point a special stethoscope called a fetoscope can be used. The heartbeat is best heard over the baby's back, which often seems firm when you feel around the uterus. It may be difficult to hear the fetal heart by stethoscope if the mother is overweight or if the placenta is on the front wall of the uterus. It gets easier to hear later on in the pregnancy, so don't get discouraged!"

Here are some fascinating pictures of antique fetoscopes (the one-ear type) and early stethoscopes. Hehe this probably doesn't answer your question, but I thought it was interesting

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I think fetalscopes are just better made to amplify the sound. Our own heartbeats can be heard just by laying a head down on someone's chest, but it takes a while to hear the baby's heartbeat that way.
Toward the end of my PG, my DH loved to put his head down on my stomach and listen to DD's heartbeat.
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