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Fetoscope..which one and where?

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Hi mama's,

Just 5 weeks pregnant and I am UP/UCing and looking for recommendations of where to buy a fetescope and which one?? And about when did you hear your baby's heartbeat??

Thank you!
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I don't have any recommendations on where to buy one (because I haven't made a purchase) but I know they sell the at but they sure do make it hard to find with the search since every stethoscope is tagged fetal for some reason. But the page is here

I have heard that you can't hear a HB with one until 20 weeks.
I got the $20 one at Allheart, I heard my baby consistently at 21 weeks.
I bought the $15 one from ebay ($7 plus $7 shipping?). I heard a HB after 22 weeks but I also had an anterior placenta.
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The last two times I used a regular stethoscope that had a screw-on "infant" attachment (9.99 at a drugstore), and heard the heartbeat around 22 weeks. It worked just fine. I'll probably get a fetoscope this time since I haven't been able to find the stethoscope since we moved. Glad to hear they are affordable!
I also bought the ebay one. Heard the hb at 16 weeks.
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