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fever rash or rubella?

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How can I tell??

My 6 month old ds started developing a rash the day before yesterday. First it was just a couple little red bumps on his it's his entire back, and it's got his face and buddah belly pretty good, too.

Now it's working down the arms...a little on his thighs. It looks like little red pimples/bumps. No pus or anything.

He did just have a fever a few days ago and was very hot - which is why I thought heat rash at first. In general, he's always a sweaty lil' dude regardless of his outfit.

I tried to take some pics but the lighting is horrible. I have dd's kindergarten party to go to today and I'm thinking I'll have to take a pass. Better safe than sorry, right?

And we are going to try to get the baby into the doc later today, but it's still too early to call, so I thought I'd try you ladies first
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Generally I wouldnt think so, except the way you said the rash started and then spread. That sounds just like rubella. Can you actually FEEL the rash when you run your fingers over it? If you stretch the skin, does it kinda disappear? Does it seem to move around a little, like when it went to his arms, did it kinda disapate from his back? I had mistaken Roseola for measles in DS1 last year, and these are all the steps the PED had me go through over the phone before bringing him in, (which we didnt end up bringing him in cuz he "passed"). Is the fever gone completely, or is it up and down?
His fever is gone.

It's not moving around - his back (where it started) is almost completely covered in the bumpy rash (yes, it feels bumpy) and everywhere else I mentioned is covered, but not as "filled in" as on his back.

I just did the skin stretchy thing and the rash was still just as visible.

Should I be worried? One more hour until the doc is open...gah.

Normally, I probably wouldn't freak out - but this is dh's first kid so I'm kinda experiencing "first kid freak out" syndrome all over again, lol!

I called dd's dad to take her to her school today - I decided I'd err on the side of caution because I know their will be a pregnant person (or two) there...
It actually does sound like measles to me. But Im not a doctor. So best to take the little guy in and get looked at. But PLEASE, come back and post when you find out what it is, because now I am SUPER curious!

A very good idea to stear clear of the school. Although Measles does not frighten me, I would hate to be the original source of an "outbreak" at a public school, you know?
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Thanks for your input. I'm on hold with the doc now and will def. post it here when I find out.

Measles don't scare me either...not in kiddo's anyway...but I hear ya on the outbreak thing, lol!
We didn't go to the doctor, just talked to the nurse (who talked to the doc) instead.

They both say it sounds like roseola and if it's not better by Sun to call. At least ds is happy, even if he does look a lil' bumpy
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