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FF'ing tether and over rotation questions

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So, two more questions that have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

When I eventually turn DS FF'ing, will I need to have a top tether latch thingy (technical term) installed in order to use a top tether? Is it a requirement to use one at all times? What do you do when you need to use a cab, or a friend's car that does not have the top tether latch thingy? I have a few friends who have already turned their (very small) toddlers FF'ing and none of them use the top tether. I would love to help them to keep their kiddos safer, even if they won't listen to me about extended RF'ing.

My next question is about over rotation. I know that when a seat is in an accident, it can rotate down toward the floor. DS is in his Marathon in the middle seat of my Honda Civic. The top of his seat fits between the head rests of the front seats, and does not touch, so I know it is ok the way it is installed. If it were to need to rotate down though, it definitely would catch on the front seats. Is that ok?

So many questions that I have been meaning to ask for so long. I might try over at car seat forums too.
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First, top tethering. If you live in Canada, it's mandatory. If you live in the US, it's not mandatory but highly encouraged. Top tethering reduces head excursion, which is pretty important. I would really encourage your friend with little kids to use the top tether, since if they can't be RF they should at least be in a seat with a tether.
Britax seats can be braced up against the seat in front of them to prevent downward rotation.
Right, well, it doesn't prevent it but it might reduce it a little bit.
Good to know about the downward rotation, and also good to know about the top tethering.

Now, what is "head excursion"? Also, anyone know approximately how much it costs to have top tethers installed in a car without LATCH?
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