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We bought several packs of character undies that ds picked out when he was pt'ing.....unfortunately he wasn't able to wear them because when he has something fitted on him (training pants, brief-style undies), he would still pee his pants...if he wears little boxers or goes commando, never an accident.

So anyway, I have all of these sitting in a drawer that are of no use to us...
12 pairs of Hanes cotton underwear, size 2T/3T, some have the inner tag cut out because it drove him crazy....
*3 Wiggles
*3 Blue's Clue's
*3 Spongebob
*3 Robots, sharks

They have all been washed several times, only a few of them have seen actually wear.
I just want these out of here, so take all 12 for $4ppd, basically ffs, which covers shipping & materials.
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