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Gone! Thanks mamas!

These are free, but I'd appreciate a buck or two toward postage (if you can). I thought they would be perfect as a spare in a diaper bag or pumping kit (if you're the leakin' type).

These are all different sizes, but they were all worn by me, so go figure! They're all white. None have underwire.

1. Fancee Free sleep bra, 100% cotton, lacy trim, pull-over style, size L, EC.

These next three all have faint slightly grayish underarms from deodorant
: but I just ran them thru a hot wash with some bleach.

2. Olga, style 36645, size 40DD (yeah right. runs more like a 38D), GC, i loved the one handed fasten/unfasten of this bra!.

3. There are two of the same bra (my all-time favorite), Medela style #39, size 38D, GC.
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