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Fibrocystic Breasts....

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Does anyone have experience with this? I have always had moderate problems with fibrocystic breasts, but for some reason this past month, it has gotten really bad. My breasts are SO sore. They are very lumpy, swollen, and extremely tender. I have LARGE swollen lumps on the outer sides of both breasts, that are excruciatingly tender. I am wondering what I can do to help myself. I've read VIt E and EFA are helpful, and I'm hoping some of you have some personal experiences/wisdom to share.
Thanks mamas!
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I have fibrocystic breasts as well. Mine tend to get very sore right before I get my period every month. I believe that a good option is the use of progesterone cream. Most women with fibrocystic breasts have a lack of progesterone, according to things I have read. Other people may not agree with my answer, but check out the symptoms of lack of progesterone on the internet and see if you have any of them. If it helps, it is worth it.
my mom also was having problems with fibrocystic breasts- she takes Evening Primrose oil capsules and natural vitamin E and has noticed a big difference- she says they haven't hurt in months! Her Dr. actually suggested that to her and said he has seen the most improvement with just those supplements. I might do some Fish oil too for the Omega-3s. Hope that helps you too!
Thanks for your replies, ladies. Yes, I do have low progesterone, and I have been doing several things to address/remedy that. I can't decide yet how I feel about progesterone seems like adding progesterone that way doesn't really do anything to address the underlying problem (hormone production/balance). I've been doing some different oils for a couple months, hopefully they will start making a difference.
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