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fighting like cats and dogs

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We have a cat that is like our 5th child. He means so much to us. We recently got an american bulldog who is now our 6th child, we love her so much.

Our cat normally loves dogs, but isn't thrilled by living with one. He hides and hisses when ever "easy" (our dog) is nearby. For now, our bedroom is just for our cat (Salvador, or Sal for short). It is his favorite room, so we are keeping easy's sleeping crate in my office.

I'm not sure how to help them live peacefully together. Any tips?

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How long have you had Easy? We had gotten a dog for a while that my cat hated and she hated my cat. The dog would hunt my cat to tease her and my cat would yowl, hiss, spit, etc.. It took about 2 weeks of them fighting and yelping until my dog learned that my cat was the boss. Every once and a while they would fight just for fun, but they really got along. By the time we adopted the dog out, they were sleeping in the same little bed with each other and kissing on each other. I think it just takes time and you just have to let them work it out.
Thanks Kathryn. That makes sense. I'm just so scared if my cat deciding to find himself another home. I know he loves us as much as we love him, so I'll try not to worry about that.
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