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FIN #5-OR--Needs met!

Please contact oceane if you have something for his family.

What is your family situation?

Single mama who on Sept, 4, 2012 packed everything I could into my car along with my three children and finally decided I needed to leave a domestic violent situation. We stayed at a DV shelter for the first time in my life for 3 and a half weeks and finally was able to get a rental of our own last week. I'm so thankful to finally have our own place again and mostly all I feel is relief.

This actually was my second time moving across the country and attempting to leave this relationship in 2009 I left but after 6 months of being gone I did go back. I had a lot of hope and dreams for us and wanted to be near my own family and home but finally I realized I had to choose my safety and put me and the kids first and decided to create distance to do that. Things got so much worse when I went back that I don't think I can ever go back again. We could only bring what would fit in the car and shipping a few belongings. We are starting over from scratch again as most everything we owned got donated.

The Holiday we celebrate is- Christmas and Winter Solstice

Please list up to 3 items per person in your family and up to 2 items for your family as a whole below. Gift cards might be requested for your family as a whole, but cannot be included as requests for an individual member of your family. Remember HH does not provide direct financial help, such as bills paid, so please do not include such items in your request.

(Please add additional pregnancy sections if you are expecting multiples)

Child #1:
Age and gender: 13, male
Items requested:

1. Rain Boots with lining if possible(size 7.5 men) Rain boots sent

2. legos Creator sets, age appropriate One Lego set sent

3. books (National Geographic almanac for kids newest edition, non fiction type books) One book sent

Child #2:
Age and gender: 11, male
Items requested:

1. pajamas size 12 and rain boots with lining if possible (size 6 boys) Pajamas, rainboots, and rainboot liner sent

2. lego creator sets, age appropriate One Lego set sent

3. books (He enjoys the Harry Potter series and books of that involve adventure) 2 books sent

child #3

age and gender: 3, female

1. pajamas (size 5) (all cotton) item sent

2. warm socks, hat and mittens (non polyester please) hand and gloves sent; socks sent

3. wooden puzzles One wooden puzzle sent + another puzzle

(please add more child sections depending on the number of children in your family)

Adult #1 (YOU! ):
Gender: mama

Items requested:

1. warm socks socks sent

2. kitchen hand towels/dishcloths (no microfiber please)items to be sent

3. handmade soap 5 bars handmade soap sent

Needs for Your Family As A Whole:

Items requested:

1. new boardgame to play (we like trivia type games) item sent

2. gift card to walmart or target for necessities like food, household items etc. item sent

Of the items requested above, please prioritize the top 3 overall needs of your family:
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