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Please contact oceane if you have something for this family.

What is your family situation?

I am a mom to three little boys and full time college student. DH is also a full time student, finishing up his last year of school while also working part time and for the military reserves. I was looking forward to not needing Holiday Helpers this year; we had Christmas money saved up and planned on taking our family on a Disneyland vacation for their (our) Christmas presents. But, a few weeks ago our transmission went out on our family van, and now our savings is gone. Our other car is also not running, and we just had to relocate to a new house, closer to our school. Actually, October has been a really hard month, and we've faced a lot of setbacks because of everything that's gone wrong this month! Which is why I am here, to ask for help so my boys can have a good Christmas this year. We don't need much, as long as we make good memories and they know they are loved.

Which holidays does your family celebrate?

Secular Christmas + Winter Solstice

Any allergies/sensitivities?

Mom: wheat

Household: vegetarian

Child #1: DS1

age and gender: 5, boy

Items requested: DS1 loves all things Cars®, and dinosaurs

1. Snow Boots, toddler size 11 toddler Item sent!

2. Cars® or dinosaurs toy(s) Item sent!

3. Pajamas, size 5T Item sent!

Child #2: DS2

age and gender: 3, boy

Items requested: DS2 loves books, ABCs, Drawing, and Cars®

1. Snow Boots, toddler size 8 toddler item sent

2. Drawing Pad, or ABC Tracing book Item sent!

3. Pajamas, size 3T (2 piece, not ones with feet) Item sent!

Child #3: DS3

age and gender: 1, boy

Items requested:

1. Snow boots, size 3 baby

2. Lego Blocks item sent

3. Pajamas, size 12m Item sent!

Adult #1 (me):

Gender: Female

Items Requested:

1. Book: "Birth as an American Rite of Passage" 2nd Edition, by Robbie Davis-Floyd

2. Rain boots (something like Kamik, women's size 7)

Adult #2: DH

Gender: Male

Items Requested:

1. A board game, something like: "Cards Against Humanity," "Dominion" or "7 Wonders"Item sent!

2. Macbeth men's shoes (ankle height), size 8

Needs for your family as a whole:

Items Requested:

1. Sam's Club membership renewal item sent

2. Gift card to any of these stores for diapers/wipes and household supplies: Walmart, Smith's/Kroger, Sam's Club, Walgreens, or Shopko. Item sent!

Of the items listed above, top 3 items requested:

1. Snow boots for the boys (we live in a very cold and snowy area)

2. New pajamas (it's a tradition)

3. Gift card for household items/diapers.
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