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Please contact if you have something for this family.

What is your family situation?

Our Story...I am a grandmother raising my 5 year old granddaughter..I won't lie..It has been rough..I gave up everything to take her and keep her safe..And this summer we gave it all up again and had to leave everything we had(except what I could fit in our car) and move 600 miles away..I am hoping we won't have to leave again..It has been hard on her.She is starting to show signs of stress at school and I am worried..I still haven't been able to find a job since getting here..We were eligible for emergency food stamps and that has saved us..My dad owns a house that we stay in until I can find a job and an apartment(and hopefully that will be soon)so at least we have a place to stay..But there is no money..And she is upset that we had to leave most of her toys and clothes int he other state..We had to leave fast and in the middle of the night..But she doesn't understand that only being 5...Please accept my thankyous and gratitude if you decide to help out for my granddaughter..Thankyou...

She believes in Santa Clause and won't understand if he skips her house this year:(

Which holiday(s) does your family celebrate?


Please list up to 3 items per person in your family and up to 2 items for your family as a whole below. Gift cards might be requested for your family as a whole, but cannot be included as requests for an individual member of your family. Remember HH does not provide direct financial help, such as bills paid, so please do not include such items in your request.



Child #1:
Age and gender: 5 F
Items requested:

1.Winter Clothes: 5T for shirts and pants, 6T for underware ( sent Hanes - Girls' EcoSmart Fleece Full Zip Hoodie and Danskin Now Girls' Foldover Waistband Yoga Pant) sent another pair pants; underwear sent

2. snow clothes: 5-6 T coat and snow pants, sz9 for snow boots items sent

3. Doc McStuffins toy 3 toys sent

(please add more child sections depending on the number of children in your family)

Adult #1 (YOU! ):

Items requested:

1. Just things for grand-daughter



Needs for Your Family As A Whole:

Items requested: card for dress up clothes or dress up clothes Some disney princess dress up clothes and some more.

2. Winter clothes for granddaughter

Of the items requested above, please prioritize the top 3 overall needs of your family:
*Winter clothes for granddaughter
*Doc McStuffin Toy
*Dress up clothes
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