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Final countdown to being ready (ha!)

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Writing that I am close to ready makes me feel as though that might be true.. .although I am having trouble believing that this baby is so close around the corner (almost 37 weeks now!)

I washed my new, cheap extra sheets and my nursing bras.

I have my bed liner and placenta container.

I still need to wash the baby clothes and put everything in the one place.

I also bought lovely massage oil, Emergen-C, and miso soup for labour.

I put relaxing songs on my iPod with an eye to what I would like in labour, and made a happy songlist in case I was feeling unenergetic.

My diapers and baby things are all ready to go.

We put in a spray hose-type shower head for labour, and are getting a bigger water tank installed today, too! (we have the weeniest one right now that doesn't even let you have a hot 10 minute shower!).

I am keeping up on my laundry and keeping the house down to a dull roar (ha! well, better than before).

Our pantry is stocked and our new freezer is packed to the gills. I went to a cool freezer place yesterday that sells extra-runs and seconds of frozen food (including yummy Indian-type dinners) and bought tons of meals and fruit and veggies and bread dough for the freezer and so we are *ready* from that perspective.

I am finishing up the craft projects I have on the go (wool soaker pants, a two blankets).

I am finishing work next week (although I still have one overdue client right now having her 8th baby -- we look about the same gestation and move as fluidly!). I am really hoping she has her baby by next week when I am supposed to go off, or I may need to stay on call for her, as ridiculous as that would be (but fine, I am sure).

We have a wardrobe we bought that needs to be built and installed, but it required a dresser be freecycled and moved, which is harder. Maybe I should just list it right now and start the process...
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You are awesome! Aren't you tired from all that though?!
You give me hope! Last weekend we cleaned the babies room. This weekend DH is gone and I am in charge of starting going through post-birth items that we will need. Sounds like you are doing great!
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I was thinking I need to be getting together a list of to do's here as well, I have a little more time as I will just be 34 weeks monday, but I have to be realistic as to what I will actually feel like doing towards the ends. I am planning on not getting anything much down past 37 weeks.

I am really wishing I hadn't got rid of those extra sheets I had in case I end up birthing in the bed, perhaps I can check Goodwill.

dh said he would do the painting I want next week.

I still need to sew some curtains- ok not a have to do, but I really want to as I know it won't get done for a LONG time after the little one is born.

I still have to get all the clothes and diapers out, sort and wash them. I did get some totes Tuesday to sort and store old baby clothes. Dh is supposed to put up the shelf/rod in the closet for the play room- which is where I keep Luke's and the new lil' ones clothes.

I bought 2 more dozen prefolds, and got 2 free snappis with those, so I think that I will be set(I already had cd's from Luke's babyhood but alot of my pf's were in rough shape and I always seem to lose snappis)

I bought a miracle blanket to help with the swaddling, I had heard good things about them and thought I would give it a try as I failed miserable at swaddling last time, I just bought that from a momma on mdc last night, so saved some money on that at least.

I did buy some supplements yesterday to prepare for the gbs test, acidophilous(dh and I try to take this all the time, but just ran out), propolis, echinicea, and bioflavonoids (to balance out the vit C). OH, and I got some Bach's Rescue Remedy. I am thinking there are some more herbs and such I need, but I need to reread everything, there is so much info out there I get confused.

I am still working on getting freezer meals together. I plan to make a double batch of chicken curry today. I need to be watching the sales bill for the hormone/anti-free beef as we are out of venison and my farmer friend is out as well.
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I cant beleive that is it time soon,it has gone by sooooo fast!!!!
My bp is going up so next week when my mw comes we are going to try a sweep and see it it can get things going. Sorry Carolynn I may be first
. My mw was going to come on Wed but that night my best friend is taking me to go see Phantom and we dont need to start labour during the show lol. So she is comming thurs instead!!!

I am almost ready. Or at least I hope I am
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We really just have all the fun stuff left to do.
And we just did our first end of pregnancy fun family event last night to start it all off.
Took the kids to Color Me Mine and made a Birth Day plate for the baby's first birthday party (to put the cake on). It takes 7 - 10 days to get it back, finished so I'll take a pic of it when I get it back. I drew a laboring momma in the middle.
And a baby with the placenta still attatched! I wonder what the people who put it in the kiln will think...

I have photo sessions set up (just me, for naked pics and two for family pics - one candid at our favorite park and one at the Picture People for our traditional this is our last moments as "us" before the new babe comes).

We'll be doing body art in a couple weeks so the kids can paint the baby.

Dh is going to do a belly cast for me and when its dry, the kids will put their hand prints on it, and when the baby is here we'll put his/her foot prints.

We're in the middle of (rather watered down and way too medical version of) Birthing From Within classes.

I'm doing some birth art here and there, and journaling.

I still have to make my bead anklet (can't wait for my beads to get here!), sew a bag for the placenta (for a lotus birth) and make a festive cord tie (in case we wind up cutting the cord - which dh is totally pushing for!).

I have most everything I need, for labor and the birth. But am still waiting for a couple things to be delivered. (Like my income tax, so I can get new car seats and a monitor!
: )

All the baby clothes are sorted/diapers stacked, but I'm waiting to wash them until the middle of April so they are nice and fresh when the baby comes.

After the first week in April, the only thing I'll need to do is fill the freezer. And clean, clean, clean. Because I always only ever clean the last few weeks!
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Originally Posted by annettemarie View Post
You are awesome! Aren't you tired from all that though?!
I didn't do it all in one day! I have done it over a couple of weeks and with plenty of naps!

I am almost 37 weeks so I need to feel like things are nearing completion. I had a really good run of painful, menstrual-like cramps last night. I am also the kinda girl who packs a couple days in advance for a trip and checks the list twice. (We travelled to the East Coast for a family vacation of 21 days. Before we went I had reservations for each night, Mapquest maps from each location to the next, a list of the days when we would need to do laundry and a break in our itinerary to do it, a meal list and a shopping list with the items we'd need the several times we needed to do a shopping for those upcoming meals etc. My partner was amazed, cuz it went so fluidly, and horrified that he and I were so completely different in the organization department).

Today is belly cast day and if I have time, pantry clearing out day. Our pantry (not huge) is so full and disorganized that there are things just heaped in there and it is a booby trap. I am going to clean it out and get a bag for the food bank together.

Yesterday, while my mom was here and relieved me of dinner making, I cleaned our bathroom cupboards out. A big bag for garbage
, a big bag for giving away, and half the stuff remained. It felt awesome and I found 6 tubes of toothpaste, 2 extra bottles of shampoo, and I kid you not, about 12 bars of soap! I think we will be clean enough over the coming months even if the stores shut down!

Thanks for letting me rant about getting organized. My IRL friends are being a bit patronizing about the nesting thing, and telling me they have "noticed changes"

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my dh thinks I am a bit overboard with this as well, but he does well to keep his mouth shut. I did a declutter of the entire house in the second trimester, so at least that isn't a concern. I am thinking we might not get anything done this weekend, dh has to be at church all day saturday and then I have a wedding shower Sunday, as well as Church in the morning which doesn't leave a whole lot of time. At least maybe I can make "the list" for dh
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