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I am a young mother. By young, I mean I started having kids at 19. I currently have a 6 yr old whom i share custody of for 5 months out of the year. My 2 yr old has been the greatest test of my mothering abilities. With my oldest daughter, I was too young and inexperienced to really "raise" her. I just covered the basics and didn't help her grow as a person. I regretted this and realized when I got pregnant with my second, that something had to change. I wanted to connect with my children and do my best to make them happy and healthy adults.

I regret not starting sooner. I have made many many mistakes with both of my children. I was completely unaware that "Gentle Discipline" existed. But in my heart, this is always what I wanted.

So in trying to teach my BF how to handle children, I learned I have alot of shortcomings. Things I still need to learn. Especially patience. I, myself, am still immature*i am sorry to say* and i need to gain a more focused frame of mine when it comes to parenting.

And since researching the Gentle Discipline school of parenting, I feel hope. I finally feel like I can learn how to become the mother I always wanted to be. I call myself a hippie parent because I let her learn in her own way, and not by being a "nazi" parent like my father. I can control my temper and how I let her make me feel.

I just wanted to share my newfound
. I am gonna pick up a couple of key books this weekend and start my new and better parenting TODAY. I can see her responding to my positive attitude already. I am so thrilled!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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