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2 1/2 weeks late!

My midwife is a close friend of mine, and we just finally got our schedules to line up and get this done

Baby's heartrate was 150, very normal. baby was in a frank vertex position today, folded in half head next to feet. Engaged in my pelvis deeply, so far that she couldn't feel the baby's head! I have had problems recently with soreness just while walking in the mall or grocery shopping, and no wonder, there's a baby head in my pelvis, even if it's just a 1 pound baby's head.

I probably have bacterial vaginosis, just based on my urine strip test. I feel like I've gotten over my bladder infection, so that is the assumption. I will be doing some homeopathic remedy stuff. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

I have been talking to the baby about her name. I have named off the ones I like so far, and she responds by kicking madly that she seems to like Laura Kate and Emmeline best. No response for Gemma, Evie, Victoria, or Miriam. And I've done this several times, and keep getting the same positive response.

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