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I'm realy late in posting, but here goes the super condensed version...

My mucous plug dropped on 1/31/07 around 9pm while I was getting ready to sew curtains (nesting big time)

My waters broke on 2/1/07 around 1 am...contractions started about 45 mintues after breaking.

By noon on 2/1/07 I was 4-5 cm. dilated & feeling super. So super that I decided that my labor project was to get all my laundry done before the baby was birthed.

Around 8ish I popped in the pool for some relaxation. A check showed I was 5-6 cm. The midwife made me get out since I was relaxing a bit too much and I was falling asleep in the water.

I entered transition around 11:30pm and was doing great by leaning over our bathroom sink/vaniety with my doula rubbing my back & leaning into my husband's arms. A very wonderful feeling.

I started to get pushy right after 1am on 2/2/07 (Groundhog's day) and couldn't walk back to the pool...I just couldn't make it that far & decided my bed was a delightful place to push. I really got serious with pushing around 1:15am and pushed out my baby at 1:43 am on Friday, Feb 2, 2007!! I promptly announced that I was done having babies!!

The baby was immediately placed on me and after we got a good look at the baby, I realized we didn't know what the sex was. It was a boy & I got to announce to my family.

Our older son heard the baby crying & came running into the bedroom where we all snuggled on the bed.

Brian Patrick was 6 pounds 4.2 ounces and was 20" long. So from start to finish my labor was just a bit over 25 hours. Not too shabby since my first born's labor was 43 hours start to finish!

Wanted to share the great news!! We also hired a birth photographer & we have some fantastic pictures of how my labor went. It was such a wonderful birth experience that I am seriously considering a third baby and my laundry was all done
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