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Finally have a needle storage case!

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I'm quite proud of myself - after getting sick and tired of hunting down errant DPNs, I whipped up this case last night.

Case - open
Case - open, but with shut top flap
Case - closed

Anyone have any suggestions for improvement? I want to make some more as presents, so I'd like to improve the design if possible.
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Great work!!! It is very pretty....i need to get or make on as well!!! You have inspired me.
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Hey Jackieg, if you're planning on making one, would you like me to post a tutorial for you?
I need to make one as well. If you don't mind I would love to see a tutorial.
I'd love to see a tutorial as well, I am getting very frustrated with my needles lately!

omg i love that fabric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
great storage
Oh my I love the fabric too and what organization!

Did I mention I just love that fabric :LOL
That is awesome! I could really use one too! So it's either share a tutorial or tell us how to get on your gift list. :LOL
:LOL I used the same fabric for mine! Or almost the same.
Looks good!
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That is beautiful!! I would like the tutorial too, and also where did you get the fabric???
Okie dokie - one handy dandy tutorial coming up!
I did make it with my serger - should I make two versions of the tutorial (one with serger and one with hand turned hems for those who want to use their sewing machine)?

The fabric is a very nice silk brocade - I got the fabric on ebay from this seller:

I picked up a whole bunch of brocades from a really good price!
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I'd add a pocket or two for random notions you might have....a little clear window type pocket so you'd be able to see what's in there. I've seen people put stuff like row markers, stich counters, etc. in those pockets.
I don't have a serger so if you could include regular instructions that would be great!
P.S. How much material to get? I cheked out the ebay link and her stuff is awesome! But I want to make sure I buy enough.
Well, I bought a meter (a little more than a yard), and I only used about half of it for the case. I'll warn you though - brocade is a PITA to work with...prepare to use lots and lots of pins.
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Thanks for the link~her stuff is great!! I don't have a serger, either.

Thanks for doing this
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Will the directions be posted here or on the sewing board? I am the high bidder on some of that really pretty brocade (burgundy with flowers) and I am so psyched to make this!!!

Well, I figured that I would post it in the "Craft Workshop - Tutorials, Patterns and How-To's" sub-forum. It'll just be a link - I'll host the tutorial on my own webspace. It's about half-way done...I just have to get the website up and running.
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