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I'm adding another row of snaps on this one, and using a different elastic on the other diapers I have cut out. The knit is thick and the elastic too soft. I'm going to be sewing sewing sewing. DH is laughing at me, "I've been wondering when you'd start making diapers for the stinker..."
: So being pregnant and sensitive I snapped, "Well I could buy them at $8+ US each if you'd rather? Or I can use the fabric I have and make my own...."

hate it when I'm but doesn't the diaper look sweet? It's apattern I'd made for be new born and out of flannel, but I made it in a knit, this will give me a month or 2 more out of the diaper. If it is a bit big at the waist, nothing more snaps won't fix]
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