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Finding a diaper service?

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Hello, we're moving and we will be living in an apartment with no washer-dryer hook-up - so we'll be using a laundromat. I'm really overwhelmed at the idea of washing and drying my dipes in that situation; I know it can be done but I really don't know if I could cd full-time under those circumstances, especially with a new baby on the way. So I was thinking that for the year or so that we are there, using a diaper service would be a good choice. However I have no idea how to find one in a specific area! We're moving to Dover NH, which is near the seacoast. I will also post this question in the Finding Your Tribe forum... but thought maybe someone here might have the info I'm looking for.

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Dy-Dee Service
36 Cote Avenue, #16
Goffstown, New Hampshire 03045
Thanks, I will call them tomorrow!
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