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Finding a Doula

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Any tips on finding a doula near Paris? I'll be delivering at the American Hospital in Paris near the end of Aug.

Thanks in advance.

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There are quite a few doulas in the Paris region. I've met a few of them and they are very nice.
Any you can give a personal reccomendation for?
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I would start by contacting Charlotte Fajardo or Valerie Dupin, especially as they speak English. I don't know if that is important to you. (I may be confusing this Valerie with another, but if she is the one I am thinking of she is very friendly and knowledgeable). I have met Viviane Lemaigre Dubrueil also and she is very nice but perhaps a bit more reserved, and I'm not sure she speaks English.
Viviane speaks English as well. Both she and Charlotte seemed like lovely people (I met with both but used neither as the clinique I delivered at did not appreciate the presence of doulas...).
I am contacting Charlotte, Valerie and Viviane to see if any are available to meet with me. Thanks for the leads!

Thank you very much for the help! Valerie is coming buy on Saturday to meet my husband and I!
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