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Any tips on where I could find a good, frugal, canner and supplies (it can be used)? We have an orchard down the road and I REALLY want to try my hand at canning this year but am on a TIGHT budget...any help/links/advice is appreciated!

Oh! And I've looked at every garage sale I've gone to and found nothing except some quart mason jars which were a total score! Seems people in the desert don't can much...

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If you're making jams, butters, applesauce, etc. (most fruit products), you don't really need a canner. You really only need jars and a couple large pots. I have never done a waterbath for jams, applesauce or pickles, all high-acid items.

Even if you want to do a waterbath, any large pot will do, if it will hold your jars standing upright. That may be the pasta or soup pot you already have or a $2 goodwill find. There's no need to buy a "special" pot.

As for the rest, my "tools" consist of a wide-mouthed funnel, a pair of jar tongs and a magnetic "stick". All of which I have done without at one time or another. A pair of regular tongs, a ladle, maybe a slotted spoon, and a damp rag will suffice for most things.

The only thing you HAVE to buy new is the lids. They come in 2 pieces, and the rings are reusable, but the lids themselves are not. I can usually find them for about $2/dozen.
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