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I live in the Southern part of WI about 20 minutes from the IL border.

Dh and I have agreed that it would be best if I waited 2 years to have another baby, and have both agreed that I should start down my path to becoming a midwife.

I want to start by going to a group that discusses homebirth and midwives and such and possibly be invited to attend a few births as an observer.

Does anyone know of a link to an organization that has groups like this.
On yahoo I am part of a homebirth group but it isnt local and it just seems like a bunch of women on there trying to make excuses why they can't have a homebirth.

I've been to trust birth .com but there is no local meetings that I could find and I'm afraid if I but a lot of energy into making one NO ONE WILL COME>

I have very few IRL: friends and non of them see anything wrong with hospital births etc......
I'm so tired of hearing the glories of epidural and thier reasons for never even trying breastfeeding.

Further more I oly know of 2 pg women and they are not wanting anything to do with me.........Long Boring story.

ANY IDEAS I really need some observations.

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I live in Madison. There is a homebirth gathering at Happy Bambino at 2045 Atwood Avenue the 4th Tuesday of every month from 7:15pm to 8:45 pm. The next meeting is Tuesday, June 28. It's run by Ingrid Andersson. These meetings are basically get-togethers of Ingrid's clients. They are very laid back. People are encouraged to bring partners, children, friends, grandparents, etc. She is a CNM, but very CPM-y imo. Give her a call or send her an e-mail:

Also, there is a Friends of Homebirth 5th Annual Potluck Picnic this coming Sunday, June 26 from 1pm to 5pm at Orton Park in Madison. Orton Park is on the near east side of Madison and is bounded by Spaight St, Rutledge St, and Ingersoll St. You should come! No one will be talking about the glories of epidurals!

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