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Finding out a Drs rates for VBACs, CSect etc?

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Is there a way to find out the rates for a specific Dr? I used the Ican website to find the rates for our hospital but was curious about drilling it down more to the practice & particular drs/midwives within.

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Well, if you plan to use insurance, that information is going to vary based on your insurance and can be very difficult to obtain.
Maybe I didn't phrase my question properly...I am trying to to find out the % of c sections & the % of VBACs for the various Obs & MWs in the practice I go to...not $ rates.

My office actually clearly details all their costs per procedure before insurance kicks in.

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The only way I know to get that information is to call either the hospital or OB/MW's office and ask.
You have to ask them and there's no laws requiring disclosure or accurate statistics. States might collect data on individual providers (and the hospitals certainly do) but i do not know of any that release them.
LOL, sorry
I'm not sure those statistics are posted anywhere publicly. Sometimes hospitals will post those % rates, but for the whole hospital only - not for specific doctors. I would say the best way is to ask.
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NJ doesn't collect this information (that I am aware of). You could call offices and ask but I'd not sure I would trust the answers. My doula was at a birth where the doctor took the women in for an emergency c-section and told my doula not to worry because their c-section rate was 40%. I lated talked to a nurse there who said the rate is more like 75%. A number of midwives have their rates on their websites so you could check them out. I doubt a lot of mega-practices know their rates since they would have to review the records of thousands of patients. You'd probably get a better answer from solo practitioners or those in a partnership with 1 other doctor.
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