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Finding the best fitting soaker

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How do I know which will fit Z better? I'm learning to knit and want to get a pattern, but don't want to waste time and money on one that won't work for us. Z has chunky thighs right now, about 12", but isn't walking yet so he may slim down. TIA!
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the EWS( is a great pattern for fitting a variety of sizes, but fern and fairie has a free soaker pattern on their site you could give a try first. there are a few free available, so if you are just starting Id check them out first.
My personal favorite is the Wooly Wonder perfection pants pattern b/c it is made to your child's measurements. You can make a soaker, shorts, or pants. I think it is a little tough for your first soaker though.

You might try posting in yarn crafts. There have been multiple threads about which is the best/best fitting/easiest (etc.) soaker pattern.
I'm aware of the different soaker patterns. My problem is that I don't know how to tell if front or side leg holes will fit better. Any help with fit?
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it differs between children, but I took a look at your stash and if you like the fit of that recycled sweater soaker then Id go with a front leg
do you want soakers or shorts, first of all. he's almost a year, so you might find yourself tending towards shorts instead of soakers (don't know why, that's just how I felt) in that case you might lean towards the wonderpants (perfection pants are harder, if you've just started knitting I would go with wonderpants). the wonderpants have wide legs, which are good for chunky thighs and extremely stylish.

for soakers, i personally prefer front legs to side legs. they just seem to fit better.
SEEPAE- I don't like the fit of that recycled soaker at all!! :LOL It cuts into the tops of his thighs and gaps around his buns.
I don't know if I goofed up or if it's just the wrong fit for him.

grnmtnmama- I was thinking soakers, to go under clothes, but maybe I can't put them under clothes? (I'm new to wool too, can you tell? :LOL) You've got me thinking... I was looking at the new LTK pattern for shorts or pants so maybe that's the way to go. I have a real addiction to patterns but I'm trying really hard to be good and only get 1 knitting pattern.

I really wish there was a way to try on a bunch of wool so I could see what works and what doesn't, aside from buying and reselling that is. (sigh)

Thanks for the info!
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there's always the tp or ebay to try some things inexpensively. that's how i learned that i wasn't super hot on soakers.

i scored a baabaabottoms soaker on ebay(hyena soaker) but once I had it, i could never see fitting a soaker under anything else -- but i know other people do it, so maybe i'm the odd one out. but anyway, when i picked my pattern for knitting, i picked one that i liked for the look of the pants and the shorts and just figured that if i wanted ds to wear regular pants that he could wear aios. it took until my 3rd pair for them to start looking really good, so my advice would be to use inexpensive yarn for the first couple that you do :LOL
HOnestly I LOVE my soakers but they really dont' do well under clothing unless we are talking about dresses for girls. That's why they make shorts and longies in my opinion. Soakers are really great for summer and for just hanging around the house playing. But they are too bulky for under clothing. You'd be better off using a PUL or fleece cover or a wool wrap under clothes.
That aside, I LOVE my Little Turtle Knits pattern. Theresa is really really nice and will be there to answer absolutly ANY questions you have or solve your knitting woes after you get the pattern. She really stands behind her stuff. And no wonder. It's AWESOME! I have the soaker pattern and I'm a VERY novice knitter(I'm working on my first soaker right now) and along with my "Stitch N Bitch" book, I'm 3/4's finished iwth a soaker right now. My friend just bought the skirty pattern and I'm buying a hat pttern and plan on getting the shorts/pants pattern soon. I really like the fit of the soaker. I've got a 15lb chunky 5month old girl and they fit really well on her. She's got chub-chub thighs. I like how the legs are just simple crochet because they don't restrict her movement and they aren't bulky. Her weight measurements on each size are pretty accurate with my dd at least. Can't say enough good things about this soaker pattern. I'd get a LTK soaker off the TP first to see if you like it though. The pattern isn't that much so you really don't lose out but I wouldn't want to spend any of our hrd-earned cash without being certain that I'll use what I'm buying. But you defintiely can't go wrong with this pattern in my opinion.
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All the soakers I knit fit perfect under our clothes and thats all we use, knit wool.
If they are cutting into the top of his thighs he probably needs a shorter front panel and larger thigh. Its easy to adjust a pattern to fit him exactly. PM me if you need a little help once you decide on a pattern, I still suggest the free F&F.
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