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Finding Washing Soda?

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Where can I get washing soda for making my own laundry detergent? The only place I've found it is on amazon for $2.50, and the shipping is $8!

Any suggestions would be very appreciated!
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I get it at the grocery store. You have to search for it a bit -- it's usually in the laundry aisle up really high or down low. It's made by Arm and Hammer and comes in a yellow box that looks a lot like baking soda.
I got mine at Safeway. It was next to the borox.
you might have to search out one of those grocery superstores. they don't carry WS in our regular supermarket, but they have them in one farther away that also has a section for restaurant supply size goods.
You can call arm n hammer and find out which stores near you carry it, or which ones it has been purchased in recently near you.
It's at my Safeway for $2.29.
I found it at Safeway as well. I looked EVERYPLACE before I found it at the grocery store two blocks away
. None of the big box stores carried it.
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Why do I have to be so impatient! I emailed Arm & Hammer, then the next day ordered it off Amazon (paying the shipping!). They emailed me back the day after that with a list of stores not too far away that carry it. Now I know for next time!

I'm trying my homemade detergent for the first time tonight. Cross your fingers for me!
I know! I searched in like 10 stores before I found it! It will be in the laundry aisle near the Borax. The box is similar to A&H baking soda but is bright yellow instead of orange. HTH!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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