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Hey All,
We need suggestions for finger foods for a one year old with only two teeth. My husband and I have been mostly spoon feeding him but he wants so much to do it himself. I let him play with the spoon, but he can't feed himself with it yet at all. He just flings it across the room. I usually prepare his food in bulk and freeze it in ice cube servings. He's good at picking up and eating soft cooked peas, carrot dices, puffed wheat cereal, and tofu cubes. Any other ideas would be welcome!!!

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One of mine has 2 teeth, the other has 6. They can eat lots of things.

Veggies - canned or frozen - green beans, corn, cauliflower, carrots, peas - just so they're soft enough to mush. They don't have to be that soft!

Fresh carrots and celery, cut into bits and simmered in broth till just tender enough


Beans (of the legume variety)

Cheese cubes

Homemade banana bread


Sweet potato cubes (peel and cube, microwave for about 5 minutes)

Cut up fruit - bananas are super easy, grapes cut in half, canned peaches or canned pears...



Canned beets

Yeah we use a lot of canned food...

They get a ton of variety, though. Way more than my son did... I was very hung up on him "needing" teeth.... but then with my girls I thought, you know, my grandpap needed dentures but prefered to eat without them - and I've seen him eat roast that way so... I just give them stuff and see what they can do. Obviously some things aren't going to work - like apples with the skin - but then can handle apples without the skin... I just give them stuff. And usually they eat it.

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Avocados chopped into little bite-sized pieces
Kidney beans
Grapes sliced in half
Teeny cooked spinach raviolis, or regular ones cut in half
Mini muffins broken up

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Mini quiches
eggs cooked any way
bread and butter
any meat cut up into tiny bite size pieces
any veggies cooked soft and cut up
fruit cut up
dry cereal
canned soup-organic (I'd strain most of the liquid and just serve the good stuff-it's perfect because it's already nice and soft and bite sized)

I never mashed my kid's food. Just gave it to them cut up in small pieces. DD2 didn't cut any teeth until 14 months and she was eating anything and everything I did from the time she was 6 months old. Most kids don't need teeth to eat. Their gums serve that purpose just fine.
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