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Finger Food Suggestions?

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My 9 month old is just starting "finger foods" and so I've been giving him Kashi (the just whole grain puffed kind) and he loves it. A friend suggested frozen peas and blueberries- a BIG hit! I've also tried mushed bananas (he hates them). But now I can't think of anything else (I'm a first time mom- can you tell?). The Kashi are very small and disentegrate quickly in his mouth and the frozen peas and blueberries also mush up pretty quickly, and I think this is part of the appeal for him. When I've given him anything else more solid or chunky, he gags- he's not choking (everything is small and we watch super close), but I think he's just not ready for that, so finely diced things (like steamed veggies or cut-up fruits) are not working at the moment. I'd prefer to give him fresh or frozen whole foods (any more frozen mushy little things suggestions?), but I might go for something that is somewhat processed, but without sugars, preservatives, colors, etc. if someone knows of something really good. Also, when is it ok to try scrambled egg? Or yogurt? What about something like watermellon?

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I would be real watchful of frozen peas and blueberries - those are dangerous for choking because they are so perfectly round.

Here are some finger food ideas that be introduced between 8 and 12 months.
§Whole grain bread chunks
§Diced avocado
§Diced banana
§Diced soft, very ripe fruit (mango, peach, cantaloupe, etc.)
§Diced, cooked (very soft) vegetables (squash, potatoes, carrots, broccoli, or cauliflower, etc.)
§Rice cakes
§Soft crackers
§Well-cooked pasta
§Cereal "O's" (organic, whole grain O's with less than 4 grams of sugar per serving like Oatios)
§Chunks of firm tofu (raw or steamed)
§Chunks of steamed tempeh
§Chunks of hard-boiled egg yolk or whole egg
§Scrambled egg yolks or whole eggs
§Chunks of cheese
§Grated apple, pear, or carrot
§Cooked grains (cold, sticky chunks are easy for baby to pick up)
§Pretzels (made with no salt, sugar, or hydrogenated oils)
§Soft crackers (low salt, low sugar, and no hydrogenated oils)
§Leftover pancakes, french toast, or waffles
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Oh - you can give watermelon now, also yogurt. For eggs, you can start with egg yolks now and add the whites between 10 and 12 months.
Ds is pretty fanatical about his food and LOVES blueberries. But I always use fresh and cut them up in about 2-3 peices.I also cook organic frosen petite peas and mush them with my finger. He also gets muesli sometmes, which has been soaked overnight in almond milk.I then blend it all up to make it smooth. I buy wheat free magic muesli in the bulk bin at Whole foods. I soemtime smake porridge too, with Lundberg organic short grain brown rice. I put it in the coffe grinder and grind until very tiny, then cook as you would cream of wheat. You can add different grains as well. I like that certain rice because it tastes very sweet. NO complaints!!!!I also add things to it, like juice, nut butters, etc.
Iknow some of those aren't finger foods...:LOL
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