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finger foods for 8mo in daycare

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Hello! I know lots of threads occur here and there on "solids". My DD attends daycare for a few hours everyday while I teach....she's not at all interested in the "baby" foods anymore except she does like some brown rice cereal and yogurt. She's grabbing at the other kids foods! She's nursed at home...and will drink water and EBM from a sippie.

We have practiced at home with Oatie Os, small bites of avocado, mango, etc.

What other finger foods do you use? Time for me to get creative! But I also need "simple" foods right now if possible. Time is of essence right now!

Thanks! X posted in life with babes too!
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cut-up super ripe pear (pear is easier on the digestion than apple)
cut up peaches

invest in the baby-safe feeder. it's a little mesh bag that you can stuff with, well, stuff. very handy for ice when dc is teething.
banana comes to mind. A little sticky, but quite soft.

Also - small bits of whatever you ate for dinner. Pasta, meats, veggies, pizza, peas, etc. The baby won't mind if it's cold. I think now is a good time to let her experiment with textures and different tastes. Don't worry too much about having special baby foods, just cut what you are normally eating into small portions and let her mouth them.
i also have an 8 month old and he has 2 bottom teeth one side tooth and the top are i think just days from coming in....i'm scared to give him finger food
how do you know they are ready?? i also have the baby safe feeder and its GREAT!!! you can put practicly anything in there!!!! ummm...i'll be taking some
: thanks abylite for posting i'm also curious know too!!
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Originally Posted by mommaem
how do you know they are ready??
They start grabbing it off your plate or their neighbors, as her day care has noted.
Thanks...and would love to hear from others.

She doesn't have any teeth yet...the food just seems to "disolve" or just "slide" down her throat. She "gums" them pretty well. We do have the safe feeder thing...but she chews the other end of it mostly. I'll keep trying though. I'm sure the daycare would think that would be a "pain" to keep track of....
You might check in life with a babe for ideas and then apply what you can for day care.
fruit in the baby safe feeder is awesome

word of warning - DD (8 months) recently choked on a cheerio - it was pretty scary!
Talk to your daycare worker and see if they have finger food available for babies to eat. I work in a daycare in the infant room. I feed my daycare babies things like peas and carrots, pears, peaches, crackers, and rice. All of our babies are 6+ months so we have been working in practicing finger foods as part of our lesson plans. I of course asked the parents permission before hand. I personally would have no problem using a mesh feeder if a parent asked me to.
Gee it's been so long since I had an 8 month old and how soon we forget what they ate back then! I do recall just starting my DD on cheerios around 8 months. Do NOT give your DD one of those teething bisquits. Every time I tried it and others that I know did, it would break off in chunks in the mouth after it got mushy and she would choke on it. I also mushed up black beans and gave my daughter plain hummus. She ate yogurt (as does yours), banannas and other fruits. I was also still using Earth's Best babyfood as I was working full time and that was easiest for daycare. But at home we tried different foods. She was still nursing and I was pumping so breast milk was a huge part of her diet as well. She also didn't start getting her first couple of teeth until 9 months and then 2 more at 12 months so she was on squishy stuff and breast milk for a while.
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