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Finger nail polish

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Can anyone recommend some brands of finger nail polish that they have tried that is not toxic and actually looks great and lasts.

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Can anyone recommend some brands of finger nail polish that they have tried that is not toxic and actually looks great and lasts.
Heck, I haven't found toxic polish that lasts!!

Actually, I rarely wear nail polish (only on my toes, when I do). The chemicals worry me. Your thread made me look for some!

Here is one that sounds good. I haven't tried it, but it isn't too pricey, so maybe order one bottle and see if you like it?

There was another brand at:

But, it was $12 a bottle
: . I would never pay that much for nail colour! Forget it, I'll buff my nails with beeswax until they are shiny naturally
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I clicked on the "" website. I couldn't find anything about ingredients in the nail products offered.

It is nice that they support a variety of causes. Revlon and Proctor & Gambell give financial donations to many causes, too. This doesn't have anything to do with the OP's question.

Do you have better information on the beauty products they offer?
Oh good grief. I wouldn't have answered her question with information about a chemical laden product when she asked for natural. I was simply pointing out some of the benefits of ordering from this green company.
Sorry, I don't have my bottle of nail polish with me at work to list the ingredients off, but I did find this.

"You can be assured that we never use toluene, formaldyhyde, acetone or phthalates in our formula - and of course, no animal testing."
Thanks so much for all your input and help!
I use No Miss nail polish. Here's what their web site says:

Does NOT Contain: Formaldehyde * Toluene * Dibutyl-Pthalate or Camphor.
It's not 100% natural/safe but it's the closest I've found in my local HFS.
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