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Ok, so I once lived by myself in the country as a young 20 year old where I only had an outdoor toilet and shower (wide open, no shower curtain even!). And no phone. I was fearless. or can you say stupid and naive?

Now, as a 44 year old with a daughter, I have a whole lot more to defend. DH hunts and has guns but I have really never wanted to deal with them. But now I am wondering. I also want to go hiking alone and there are mountain lion and bear out there. If DH goes hiking and I am home with my daughter, there is NO one in shouting distance though we do have a phone.

What's your take on the whole firearm deal? Do you know how to shoot for self protection? I know... the controversy, the risk that it gets used against you, the safety of it and having children around... just wondering what you decided if you have on or decided against.
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I don't feel a need for one for protection from two-footed intruders, but I keep thinking about getting one for hiking (we too have bears, mountain lions and wolves around). I do not want a gun in the house, but I get anxious-ridden every time we go on a hike (even though I love to hike it makes me hesitant to go). We are contemplating getting a gun (or a large dog), but haven't made a decision yet.
My dh hunts, and he shoots competitively, so we have guns. (Although since we are in Canada, we can't actually do anything with the pistol except take it to the range.)

I learned how to shoot at work, and I don't think it is a bad skill. It has a very yoga-like aspect to it too. I'd never use it for a bungler, but if I was in grizzly country, or a coyote went after my livestock, I would definitely like to have a gun.

It can also be good just to know how to unload a gun and how it works, if there are a lot of hunters around.

As far as the saftey aspect, the kids aren't allowed in the room with the gun cabinet, and ammunition is stored in a separate locked cabinet. Pistols have their own trigger locks. all that is dlegally required, we aren't allowed to store a loaded weapon. I worry more about them falling on their heads.
I'd just get a decent size dog and take him/her on walks with you. Your chances of running into a wild animal who wants to hurt you are SO slim. Unless you walk up on a bear with cubs, chances are its going to take off... and even if it DOES have cubs, it'll probably take off if thats at *ALL* possible. Just don't walk quietly through the woods, make noise, sing songs, etc so that stuff knows your coming.

And remember, if you run into a GRIZZLY bear and it *does* attack you - play dead. Grizzlies don't eat dead stuff. HOWEVER, if you run into a BLACK BEAR, fight back. Black bears eat dead stuff. So if you play dead, your food!!
I don't think it's such a controversy when you are a RESPONSIBLE gun owner. Take the hunter/safety course. Go to the shooting range. We have tons of guns, and tons of kids. Be smart, be safe.
Ohio is actually an "open-carry" state. So, if I chose to, I could just holster my hand gun and take the baby for a stroll.... In your situation, I would definitely have one around for safety purposes. (Properly contained, of course).
I was terrified of the hand guns until my son took me took the ranges to learn to shoot and get comfortable. He makes me read all the NRA literature too! Don't worry about any one else's opinion about the end, you need to do what makes YOU feel safe!
We do have guns, lots of them. Dh and I both hunt, plus dh has some handguns as well, but I've never even shot them. We don't live far enough out to worry about using them for protection against animals, although dh has shot some dogs that attacked our animals.

We have an enormous dog that scares away most things so I'm not too worried.

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We have an enormous dog that scares away most things so I'm not too worried.
Kind of the same here. We don't have any guns (no hunters in our family) but do have a trained German Shepherd who I feel more comfortable around than any firearm.
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Although we've had issues with coyotes we don't have any animals that are really in any danger at this point from them. We've always had a gun, though, just in case we had predator issues. Now we have guns for protection from the two-footed form of predators. Dh was an excellent marksman when he was in the military so that's not a concern. I have no worries that if a situation presented itself where I felt threatened enough to brandish a weapon I would have no issues with firing it with the intent to stop the threat.

I don't really worry about the public opinion on guns. For one thing, I answer to myself and my family and it's my responsibility to keep them safe. If I don't have faith that the PTB can/will do it, I really don't have many choices. We do, of course, talk with the kids about responsible gun handling (which for them at this point is do not touch, for any reason) and keeping the guns put away.
We have guns. We keep a loaded (not chambered, and on safety) hunting rifle over our back door. I keep my loaded shotgun over my mudroom door, and my dh keeps his bigger loaded shotgun (both on safety) over the front door. We each have a handgun, although I wouldn't shoot mine or his, lol. I just don't like handguns.

I have had to shoot dogs w/my shotgun. One had a belly-full of my hens, and another was about to. We are currently hunting a crafty red fox who has been seen stealing our chickens (and we think has gotten 6 of my best ones!plus a few of my guineas. My dh routinely shoots possums and skunks out here (chicken killers, too).

As far as 2 legged beasts, I"m not too worried about that. Our 2 big dogs would certainly let me know about anyone approaching!

Our oldest children (dd-20, dd-10, and ds-8) have all shot .22 rifles plenty of times (shoot at balloons and pumpkins), and the oldest has shot numerous guns. They know they are to never ever touch a gun unless a grown up tells them. They never would because they are comfortable w/them being around, know what they can do (we use a .22 for dispatching animals we are butchering--often), and respect guns and most of all, they respect their parents enough to listen to us.
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I could write very much of what Chicky2 wrote, and agree with all of it.

I wouldn't be without my firearms. They won't save you from everything, but in trained hands, they're an asset.
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