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Firefly fit?

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I was wondering if most babies fit into fireflies? I dont have any babies, and I just got some fireflys from Lori and
them. I want to order more but if a large amount of people have trouble with their fit, I dont want to invest a lot of money and not be able to use them.

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I think the problems a lot of ppl are having are that their babies cannot go easily from the small to a large. However, Lori is adding a medium w/i the next few months to compensate for this.

I think w/ the mediums, all babies will be able to wear them.
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My little one has really chubby thighs but a not so chubby waist and I love the fit of firefly dipes on her.
The leg holes are pretty big- which is fine if you dc has chubby legs. The rise is nice and long, whihc I like, but as the fabric stiffens up, we're having problems with leg holes being way too big even though the rest of the diaper fits (this on the Sleep Tights). It is a bummer, because they are nice diapers. I still use mine and like them pretty well. It depends on the shape of your child I think. Mine is tall and lanky- not a lot of chub- I prefer the fit of prefolds or side snap dipes.
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