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My son fits into his medium Firefly quite well right now, at 19 lbs, and has since 15 lbs or so. He nearly fits into the large I just got--the legholes are still a bit big. I'm wondering a few things that hopefully will help me determine whether to keep the medium for future kids or just get smalls and larges.
  • The size measurements on the company's site says there's a slight overlap in the waist and thigh measurements between smalls and larges--does it really work to jump from small to large, or is there a bad fit on the extremes?
  • Do many toddlers go back to the mediums after having fit into larges? My son's approaching 20 lbs at nearly 4 months old so he's definitely going to hit the large size sooner or later, but will the medium be better in the long run?
  • Does the elastic and fabric hold up over months of use and/or multiple kids?
  • Is there something funky about the cross-over snap? They don't seem to line up right for me and I can't figure out how I could be screwing it up.
Although I have a lot of other brands that have been working well for us, I like the idea of slowly accumulating OC Fireflies when good deals show up on the TP.
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