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Last year was the first year we let the kids light anything themselves. Before that they could do the pops (those ones you throw on the ground) and the pull string ones with supervision. Otherwise they were just allowed to watch. Last year they were age 6 and 9 and I did let them purchase and light fireworks under direct supervision. I guess I figure I want them to learn how to do them safely now instead of doing some of the really stupid things I remember friends and family doing once we were old enough to take off with our friends and be unsupervised on the 4th. So we are starting small and young. They get to light them under close supervision. There's not anything really off limits. We do make sure it's a very small group of us lighting. We only allow one person to light them at a time and everyone else just gets to watch. I don't allow them to be near the fireworks if multiple people are lighting them off somewhere such as at a party. It's too hard to monitor your own fireworks while also paying attention to what everyone else is doing.
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