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I have had it with my left breast. It has never produced even half what the right does, and is prone to mastitis because what is in there doesn't come out fast enough for DD so she bails on it - which these days involves a good chomp to say "done on that side ma!". I am currently on antibiotics for yet another round of mastitis and my nipple is just trashed because of the pump (blisters, what fun) and DD's now-crappy latch on that side.

So I'm firing that boob. It's done. It doesn't get to nurse any more.

I am going to keep pumping on that side, 3X a day at first then drop down to two full pumps and one just to take any engorgement down, then to two, and so on. I will nurse DD just on the good side. She is eating a lot of solids now (she's a year old) and I am not worried about her not getting enough milk, since she got most of her milk from that side anyway.

Does anyone see a problem with this plan, besides me ending up a little lopsided? I really want to keep nursing DD as long as she wants but I just can't deal with the constant stress and pain of left-boob problems.

UPDATE: So my grand master plan seems to be backfiring a little. I am nursing DD just on the right side except for her huge 5 am feed, when I give her both boobies. I'm pumping 3-4X a day on the left, and I'll start to drop it down when I feel that the boob is all healed from the mastitis. Problem is now I have way too much milk!!! I'm getting 3-4 oz each time I pump and DD is just not that into boobie juice from anything other than a boobie. I have called the local milk bank to offer my extra but I haven't heard back from them yet, and the info I could find on the website says potential donors must have a baby under the age of one - and DD just turned one. Would they turn me down because of that? Why would they have such a limit?
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