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I think (and hope) you'll make out fine nursing from one side. Tova has been nursing from the left side only since I had severe mastitis (five days in hospital, one week of bed rest with IV antibiotics) in mid-May. I just was never able to get her back on the right side after that -- my boob was sore and sandpapery for weeks and she resisted -- despite our best efforts. I pumped for about three months, working my way from about five times a day downward. Nature just seemed to take its course and it has worked out fine. I've got small boobs anyway, but it is kind of funny to look in the mirror and see my AA cup on the right and my A on the left. But southpaw has worked for us, which is funny because up until having mastitis, it had always seemed like my right breast was the best producer and most favoured. Anyhow, all the best with it and hopefully this will be the end of your mastitis experiences. It can be horrendous ...
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