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Let's hear it for lopsided mama's!!!! I thought I was one of a few -looks like there's more of us out there. My DS was a very matter-of-fact nurser and would not put up with the lower production on the RIGHT side. Sounds like most of you are right only's - interesting. He weaned himself down on that side over a few weeks and I had no engorgement when he finally stopped completely (shows there wasn't much right). BUT - I did regain my fertility that month! That was about 9 mo pp. I was disappointed in that - I went 18 mo with DD, but she was a champion nurser who would not let a slow side slow her down.

Something to watch for if you haven't regained fertility - going to one boob might be the tipping point in the hormone game. But I have even heard of a mom of twins who nursed both exclusively from one side. Obviously we are all different, but supply is relative to demand, and if babe is happy on one side, then there you go. '

Oh, and I stuffed my small side with cotton nursing pads when I wore something where the lopsided effect was noticable. Cracked me up - my whole life being small breasted and never stuffed or padded until the problem was a big boob - the other boob!
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