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So yesterday I went to the OB/GYN doctor's office that did my surgery back in March (I had a dermoid cyst that completely engulfed my left ovary and had to have it removed) and my appt was with the nurse midwife there. So to start things out we waited well over an hour to see her and then she marches in there introduces herself and then goes to look over my paperwork. She sees that my daughter weighed 10lbs 14 oz at birth and completely freaks out. Says that Kaylee was a sugar baby in order for her to weigh that much. I told her no she wasn't a sugar baby, that I had no trouble with my blood sugar the entire pregnancy and Kaylee had no trouble with her blood sugar after birth. She goes into this long spill about how if I wouldn't have gained so much weight then Kaylee wouldn't have been such a big baby. yeah ok whatever
This woman didn't listen to a word I had to say. Oh and she went on to say that they would begin testing me immediately for GD and continue every month through my pregnancy!!!
I thought to myself, "No you won't do that." I absolutely refuse to put my body and my baby through such a horrible test month after month. So the only good thing about my appt yesterday was we did get to see our baby
and it's little heart was just beating away! Such a miracle! So my plan is now to just stick strictly with my homebirth MW for all my prenatal care and the birth.
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